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This web site demonstrates the technologies with simple examples that I use everyday. Simple examples can demonstrate complex ideas - better in that isolate and focus on the issue. Hopefully the site will help other developers through these examples and the associated downloads.

The site has a clean design in order to highlight the examples, the core site is developed in ASP.NET MVC with a substantive amount of JQuery, thus WebForms and Client Server technigues are difficult to demonstrate. To cover these areas, there may be a link to an associated site or a video of the client server application. The Tags link opens a modal movable window which lists the tags assoicated with the technologies used for the current page. The References link opens up a frame with references pertinent to the current page. Some of these references are links. The left margin will list the examples for the specific technology and under download there will be links to code or documents for the current page.

The linked blog contains focused discussion and opinions. The science and arts sections discuss their impacts and association to software in this modern connected world. The site is new and will take several months to completely flesh out. I appreciate all feedback through the blog.